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A documentary about you

We are always happy to help and we are always honoured when other great people decide to reach out to us to spread a message.

We have been recently been contacted to share the following message:

“We are a group of three students who are going to make a documentary in Dublin.

Our original idea is to follow a LGBT-youth that is experiencing or have experienced getting evicted out of their home or struggling to find a safe place to stay in because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

We want to follow this young person because we want to give him or her a voice and a chance to tell the story from his or her point of view. But whatever the reason for them not having a home it can be interesting in getting in touch with them.

We all have a heart and engagement toward gay rights. Two of the three of us are gay and have experienced problems with family and friends related to their sexual orientation, so this is an issue close to our hearts as well.


Anne-Lise, Jonathan and Felicia.”

If you find this message important share it and help this team achieve their goal and by doing so allowing more people to raise awareness about issues that some of us are still facing.

They can be contacted using Anne’s emailĀ  [email protected] or Instagram: anne_aphrodite.

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