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Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings to everyone!

We would like to wish everyone a peaceful Christmas and we hope that no matter what life has planned for you this Christmas time you will only head towards better happier times!

We hope that this season’s holidays and the  New Year will bring us together and that together we will achieve great things both on our own personal journey through life but also creating here on Gay Ireland a great spot for the Gay Community in Ireland.

We cannot believe that soon there will be one month since we have purchased this domain and slowly starting working on the GAY IRELAND website. Here are a few things that in only a couple of weeks we have managed to put together for you:

  • basic features of a Social Network (create a profile, status updates, create friendships and private messages between members);
  • a Points system dedicated exclusively to our members that will reward you for your interaction with our website (points that are worth real money! How great is that?!);
  • basic features for our Online Store (store is in Demo stage to help members and visitors get used with the system and no orders will be processed at this stage)
  • Set up a few social profiles: Facebook Page and a Twitter Page. Setting up Google+ at the moment and Instagram and Snapchat are next.
  • set up basic news system and a few categories (so far our main categories are: Celebrity of the week, Eye Candy, Inspirational and the adult categories NSFW Eye Candy and Porn World Updates)

This is just the beginning and we will continue to create better content and features for you.

That’s it for now so, again, from Gay Ireland, Season’s Greeting!

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