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Creating Ireland’s #1 Social Network for Gay & Bisexual Men

Launched December 1st 2017 with just one blank page website, GAY IRELAND started with one big goal: to create one Social Network for the gay and bisexual men communities in Ireland.

Ireland’s #1.

Today, 6 weeks later, we have achieved laying the foundation and the basic functions needed to achieve our goal. We have now a registration page and of course, with that, giving you access to become a member of what we know will become a great dynamic online community.


The first thing we have thought about is that members should be rewarded for just being members.

We have implemented a POINTS system that will reward our members with points for almost everything they do while being active using our social network. How? Logging in earns you points. Writing a comment earns you points. Uploading a photo earns you points. You got the idea. Now let’s answer what is so good about this and why should you accumulate points? THE POINTS ARE WORTH REAL MONEY!
At the moment 1000 points equal 10 euros! You can use these points to purchase products from the online store once that is launched.

That cool t-shirt you wanted from our store? Yours for free using the points you earned so you won’t spend any real cash. How cool is that?
What’s cooler than that? The fact that you can earn almost 20 euros worth of POINTS monthly if you keep coming back! Become a contributor to our blog categories and we will add even more points to your account.
We promise there is no hidden catch, you make points for just doing things you do for free on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram on a regular basis when you’re posting or uploading something there. We only want to award dedication and originality.


Our members can now update their status in a simple way with just a phrase or in a fancy way with special embedded tools that will add some nice visual features like Emoticons, Links, Quotes, Image Slideshow, Videos.

Members can send private messages to each other, add or remove friends, create groups, join groups.

Some of the best features of our social network that will make us stand out are our widgets component that will enable our members to add their skills and portfolios to their profile this way making themselves ready to apply for the jobs or just to use our profile pages to promote themselves and their work. When the online store will be launched we will help you sell your products too if you are for example an artist that has something to sell and needed free hosting and product management.

We have enabled our profile pages to allow standard features like uploading a profile image, a profile cover, edit privacy information and statistics about the number of views on their profile.


Visiting https://gayireland.lgbt/ will land you on our news page. That is where in the future you will find extra content for your pleasure. News from different categories will help you keep up to date with what is going on in the gay world. You will see in our menu as well a section for travel. That’s where in the future gay and gay-friendly people will be able to book and go on tours sprinkled with a gay touch. The online store is where the official merchandise will be sold and as already explained above, where you can sell your work too. An adult section will be there too, we have some ideas but about this another time.

BUGS AND DEMOS. What to expect.

At the moment GAY IRELAND is a private project. 

It’s a one-man show, a normal person that goes to work from 9 to 5 every day and does all this when back home and by learning coding from the internet and trying to apply it in this project. Because of this sometimes things might evolve slower than expected or some features might be a bit buggy. At the moment some of the content available on the website is just there as a demo. I understand this might not be professional or even a bit annoying.

We advise you not to go and try to purchase anything that might look available for sale. It is there to help us create a better site and a better experience for you. PLEASE BE PATIENT. Together we will make this a great thing. When something isn’t working right just use the contact page and put it out there. It will get fixed


Just have fun. Visit our website. Create a profile. See us grow and get rewarded for being here with us.

Thank you, Gay Ireland.

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