A documentary about you

We are always happy to help and we are always honoured when other great people decide to reach out to us to spread a message. We have been recently been contacted to share the following message: “We are a group of three students who are going to make a documentary in Dublin. Our original idea […]

My Big Day by Coco Television

#MyBigDay – a TV show that wants you! Coco Television is on the lookout for more couples who want to get married in 2019 for their new series – #MyBigDay. “We’re keen to include LGBTQ couples in the series, so if you want TWO wedding planners to organise the dream wedding for you, apply today!” […]


Everything that is, is alive. The words had become a mantra in his mind, a constant reinforcement of his newfound understanding. More importantly they were an epiphany, the key to unlocking a whole new universe of knowledge. And the epiphany was why he was here. Nobundo took comfort in the words as he slowly negotiated […]

Giveaway #1

Win a dinner voucher worth 100 euros! Use it just on yourself on your cheat day, to take someone on a date, to get in someone’s good books or use it just because it’s available for you! The choice is yours! To win this prize all you have to do is to be a member […]

MR GAY IRELAND LOUTH 2018 for Red Door and HIV Ireland

Peter James Nugent is Mr Gay Ireland Louth this year. He is currently raising awareness for The Red Door Project – LCDAT and hivireland.ie and we are supporting his work. Helping people with addiction and providing mental health support as well as fighting stigma and discrimination for people affected by HIV it is a wonderful thing. These […]

100 Shares Competition

🎉🎉🎉 COMPETITION TIME! 🎉🎉🎉 WIN 1 TANK TOP! NO, LET’S MAKE THAT 2 TANK TOPS! Why 2 and not 1? So you can share the joy of winning with someone you care for!We want to say “Thank you!” to those of you who shared our link and helped us spread the word and let the […]

Creating Ireland’s #1 Social Network for Gay & Bisexual Men

Launched December 1st 2017 with just one blank page website, GAY IRELAND started with one big goal: to create one Social Network for the gay and bisexual men communities in Ireland. Ireland’s #1. Today, 6 weeks later, we have achieved laying the foundation and the basic functions needed to achieve our goal. We have now […]

Inside Ricky Martin’s… Home

Ricky Martin. Always had a crush on him. Not going to lie, there were times when I fantasized about being inside him or the other way around. Today we are getting a bit closer of being inside Ricky Martin‘s home. Still a good one. A very nice video from Architectural Digest where we get to […]